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Shaiq network was established in Aug-20-1996,it worked in the fields of health, engineering, education, film production and media in eastern region.
The following are the major Achievements of Shaiq network in the development of community.

* In the sector of health created a laboratory and clinic by the name of shaiq medical laboratory.
* In engineering sector build a teacher training center in laghman, a school in shen korak in konar province. and two main intersections in jalalabad city.
* In the field of media establishment and construction of a media center (four story building in 1000 sq meter)
* In 2002 establishment of a Shaiq weekly newspaper.
* In 20:08:2003 establishment of Sharq radio funded by inter news.
* in 2005 Establishment of cable TV network in section two of jalalabad city for the families.

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